Due to fallen human nature, instead of hungering for God we now hunger for wholeness.

Marriage / Couples Counseling

Marriages are suffering greatly in today’s hedonistic culture. The ‘self’ is praised above the ‘other’. The foundational concept and functionality of matrimony are undermined.

The goal of couples’ counseling is to identify the core problematic issues that underlie the couples’ unhealthy behaviors. Then, we develop a plan to bring about change in the marriage. This is difficult work and requires that both spouses put forth effort to make the relationship healthy and functional. We have found that if only one person is willing to work in therapy, the process of healing is stunted and it does not work.

Our marriage therapy model is based on cognitive behavioral principles and a family systems model. Both members of the couple learn to identify his/her own stumbling blocks of self-perception, their view of their spouse and their understanding of the relationship as a whole. Couples are educated in effective communication, which eliminates the need for superficial compromise as they uncover each others deepest unmet needs.

Our end goal is to help the couple develop an open and honest relationship through personal work bringing about a deepening love for one another. We encourage couples to engage more fully in their spiritual life, especially making use of the Sacraments and Spiritual Direction.