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Long-Distance Therapy

VSC offers long-distance therapy via phone or video conferencing.

We have found long-distance therapy is as effective as face-to-face counseling. Extensive research has been conducted on teletherapy. The results are overwhelmingly positive. Several studies have found the tele-counseling is as affective as face-to-face therapy for a wide range of problems. In fact, research has shown that many clients were even more satisfied with tele-counseling because of the increased confidentially, convenience, and ease or keeping appointments.

There are, of course, some situations not suitable for telehealth counseling. Before accepting a potential long-distance client, we must first determine if the person is suitable for long distance therapy.

We do not engage in tele-counseling under the following conditions

Crisis counseling situations

These services need to be handled by a local clinician so the client has access to the resources necessary to meet the individual’s needs.

We are not able to work with suicidal, self-harming, and/or unstable clients.

If we begin to work with an individual long distance and they become suicidal or unstable, we will immediately refer this person to local resources and terminate long distance therapy.

Trauma therapy can trigger strong emotions and negative coping strategies. Individuals entering this process must have basic coping and grounding skills to deal with triggers.

Veritatis Splendor does not provide services for sever and pervasive mental illnesses.

These individuals require wrap-around services such as: medical, psychiatry, rehabilitation counseling, housing issues, etc.

We do not provide long distance therapy for children or adolescents.

Due the complexity of therapy for children and adolescents we are not able to provide long distance therapy.

Parents traveling long-distances seeking short-term therapy for their children has not worked in the past.

It is our recommendation that any parent seeking treatment for children or adolescents search out resources in their local area, so that the child can get the support and help he/she needs.

We do not provide substance abuse counseling of any kind.

We have worked with individuals with substance abuse history only after they are in a stable productive life of recovery for an extended period of time.

The same therapeutic modalities used in face-to-face sessions can be applied in long distance therapy. This opportunity has been very beneficial for clients that have been unable to find a suitable fit for therapy in their area.

Intensive Therapy Week

VSC also offers an intensive therapy week. The intensive includes 4, 2-hour sessions Monday through Thursday. This intensive week is billed at the same rate as regular sessions. The intensive week is normally scheduled months prior so there is sufficient time to plan for travel and accommodations. There have been clients that plan a yearly intensive therapy/retreat week.

Some have asked to do the 4-day intensive only. We do not accommodate the intensive only; because the intensive is only part of the healing journey. It is helpful and insightful but not enough to complete one’s healing.

Information about coming to Cody for an intensive week of therapy:

  • We do not have a facility to house clients. Therefore, you will be responsible for a place to stay, your own meals etc.
  • Cody is a tourist town with many hotels, and other places to stay.
  • is a great resource.
  • We recommend that you rent a car. There are many wonderful places to see and there is no public transportation.
  • If you come while Yellowstone National Park is open you will want to discover its wonders. Please check the Park’s web site for any travel news and attractions you are interested in:
  • The local parish is St. Anthony of Padua