This above all else: To thine own self be truth

— William Shakespeare

Individual Therapy

We offer individual therapy for adults, adolescents and children. After an initial consultation in person or by phone, we recommend a treatment path. At that time, the client can decide if they wish to move forward with Veritatis Splendor Counseling or seek other options.

At Veritatis Splendor Counseling, we find that it is important to review and scrutinize previous professional diagnoses before we endorse them. Very often, we find that the clients’ previous diagnoses, behavioral struggles and difficult emotions are, in fact, symptoms of unresolved trauma from their past. In our work at Veritatis Splendor Counseling, we have found that if a hurting person is able to heal from their past wounds and traumas, the unwanted symptomology normally dissipates.

In some cases, clients find that they can even reduce or stop prescribed medications. Clients are always advised to consult their physician before making any changes to their medication regiment. Veritatis Splendor Counseling has been successful in helping individuals get off their medications and in helping them live a medication free healthy life. This is accomplished through deep healing from past wounds and learning to live life more abundantly in discovering their God-given dignity as a person.

We offer a path of hope and freedom by simply looking at the individual as a dignified person and not a diagnosis, number, or case.